Our coaches are certified personal trainers getting people addicted to fitness! 

There is no secret to better health & being fit: live an active lifestyle + eat healthy most of the time – stress = a HEALTHY YOU. 

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Kathy Johnston

Super Coach Extraordinaire.

Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist
Can Fit Pro Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
Can Fit Pro Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist
Canadian Amateur Boxing Association Level 1 Boxing Coach
Fitness Kickboxing Canada Level 1 Coach

I offer fun and challenging workouts, promote active community events, and encourage healthy eating in a fun and motivating “community” setting. It becomes part of your lifestyle, not another task or job to get done. 

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Angela is sweet, kind, and giving. Angelina (her alternative personality that comes out in class…. and social outings), is high energy, bubbly, and excited to see everyone succeed.

Angela has been an inspiration to all by being brave and dedicated while following a life long passion to become certified as a Personal Trainer. She has stepped up to the challenge of learning new content with a learning disability and growing her confidence while leading a group.

Outside of her “Trainer” status on Team Fitness Junkies, Angela works full time, is a mom, AND organizes the annual “Valley Share the Warmth Drive” clothing drive. Angela’s drive to help others is beautiful and inspiring.


The FJ Team



A natural born leader and the most organized woman on earth, Charlene is sharing her natural talents as “Logistics Planner” on Team Fitness Junkies!  Her vibrant & funky soul, along with the most amazing talent for managing people and designing excel spreadsheets make her perfect for the role. Despite those amazing qualities, Charlene’s best characteristics are her warm and inviting personality, infectious laugh, unselfish giving, and logical thinking skills. It's no wonder that Charlene is in charge of organizing Fitness Junkies timelines for events and team tasks - she was made for this!



Mairi is the “Creative Genius” behind everything visual that relates to Fitness Junkies. However, her talents extend beyond her obvious photography skills. Mairi is an incredible thinker and her communication skills are embedded in many decisions that have lead Fitness Junkies to this point. With a natural ability to think logically & creatively through challenges, be empathetic, and always be dependable, Mairi is a beautiful addition to Team Fitness Junkies.



Jenny’s giant heart, unselfishness, and kind soul are evident in her warm and welcoming smile. Jenny has the natural ability to make people feel like they belong and that they matter. Jenny is a prime example of what it means to be a Fitness Junkie: Welcoming, Supportive, and Positive. With this amazing natural skill set and beautiful personality, It’s no wonder that after years of Jenny and her kids participating in Stroller Fit, she is stepping into her logical leader role as a Stroller Fit Program Leader.


Erika & Missy

This team of natural born leaders stepped up to the plate to become “Program Leaders” on Team Fitness Junkies and are currently running the amazing “Get Up & Move Program” in partnership with Kings County Family Resource Centre.  This is a free programs for caregivers and kiddos - something that is very important to Fitness Junkies.  The program and exercises are planned by Kathy but executed by this power team!

Erika is a mom to 3 beautiful, smart and funny girls as well as an amazing wife! Erika has participated in Stroller Fit/Caregiver & Tot programs consistently for 3+years and throughout all pre- & postnatal periods.  Erika exudes kindness and compassion and her beautiful soul is evident in all of her girls. She is a natural leader with her warm and welcoming heart.

Missy is a mom of 2 spitting images of herself (and a tad of her hubby too): bubbly, sweet, giving, and creative.  Missy was born for leading high energy classes and was an easy choice for program leader after 2 years of Stroller Fit/Caregiver & Tot programs as well as her own dedicated Yoga practice.