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Kathy Johnston






Even if you haven't come out to a class yet, our incredible fitness family welcomes you! We pride ourselves on being welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. Oh…. and we are badass too. 

Who I am:

Hi! I'm Kathy. Yes, it's true: I'm loud, very excitable, always smiling, and have a bad case of mommy-brain on most days. No wonder people have referred to me as a “squirrel”. I'm also your biggest cheerleader and will do whatever I can to help you feel strong, confident, and fit….regardless of where you are in your life & fitness. 

I'm originally from PEI and the red soil still runs deep in my veins. I met my bluenoser husband in college and we moved to the West Hants area in 2007. I love it and am proud to be raising our kids here. What an incredible place to live. 

When I moved here, I joined a competitive boxing club and trained as a boxer. In our club there was the competitive group and a recreational group who worked out casually. While training, I got my Level 1 Boxing Coach certificate. About 2 years after joining, our competitive coach called it quits and the recreational group asked me to keep their group going. I obliged but I ran their workouts as if we were competitive athletes. We called ourselves “The Falmouth Boxing Beauties”. We developed an active community of individuals that boxed together, ran together, supported local walk/runs, etc. It was amazing and it ignited a fire in me that combined all my loves: relationship building, supporting individuals, building a community, and a challenging workout!

After a number of years of running it as a community group, I decided to make a big move and register a business: Fitness Junkies. I was incredibly proud that day, and still am. I ran this small business in the evenings and on weekends, all while driving to Halifax for work everyday. Even though I was focused on building a strong & supportive active community here, I was going against my own wishes: I was driving out of our community everyday, spending my money outside the community, and only coming home to sleep. 

After my last maternity leave, I decided to jump in head first. With the support of family, friends, & Fitness Junkies, I left my great paying, secure, full time job (with pension!). It was an incredibly hard decision to make, but it came down to 3 things: 

1. Fitness Junkies feeds my soul. I feel like I was meant to be here.

2. After an amazing local mom lost her short battle with cancer, I was incredibly inspired to live my life to the fullest.

 3. For our community to grow stronger & prosper, people need to be here...spending money here…..and supporting each other here!

So here we are: I take my fitness programs all over West Hants & Kings County and have successfully run hundreds of fitness programs. 

Who I am as a trainer: 

I'm not going to go into long details of my own fitness & weight loss journey because that doesn't tell you who I am as a trainer and how I can help you. Let's just summarize my experience as this: I've been there. I've experienced being an active teen, being inactive and 60lbs over weight, being an athlete while battling disordered eating & a negative mind set, a fit & healthy professional, and now a busy self employed mom trying to balance it all. Why does this matter to you? Because although I cannot fully understand what you are going through and why you are here right now, I can empathize and understand life's challenges. I would never want to train with someone who has never struggled with getting off the couch, who can easily limit themselves to just one cookie, or never had to battle negative self talk. I'm real and I know you are too. 

My job is to motivate you, push you, and provide you with the right workout(s) to get you towards your goals. I want you to develop a strong self confidence by loving the body you have right now! We will work towards that by working on strength, power, and building on your baseline fitness. 

Personality? Yep, I've got lots of that! I'm a bit of a spazzy squirrel and I get ridiculously excited about your successes! Ask anyone of the current Fitness Junkies, I am your biggest cheerleader!

I believe in community.

You will be part of our community, otherwise known as our “fitness family”. Families support each other, encourage each other, are positive, and inclusive. Our thriving community allows for a new found support system, self confidence and motivation to reach new goals. There is absolutely no room for drama, gossip, or games.

Open yourself to the endless possibilities when you are fully supported by an amazing group of people.