All of Fitness Junkies classes are designed to welcome you! We will teach you everything you need to know, modify or increase your intensity, provide alternative exercises to keep you safe and comfortable, and make sure you are feeling strong and powerful throughout the workout.

You can join at anytime. Please pick a class time that suits you and come 15mins early to have a discussion about your health and any body limitations and learn the basics before class starts.


Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me: Strap on your favourite baby carrier, or you can workout while your little ones play!

These 30 minute to 1 hour low-impact workouts led by Kathy Johnston, certified personal & pre and postnatal trainer, are designed to help moms safely rebuild strength and fitness. Come train for the adventures of mommy-hood in this welcoming and supportive playgroup setting.


Stroller Fit

Get your Stroller ready to move!

Why pay for childcare when you can workout and set a great example for your kids at a the same time? These workouts allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather, surroundings, and other parents/caregivers all while in a post-natal safe environment.

We do a combination of interval walking and/or jogging with strollers or carriers, body weight & resistance band exercises and the majority of our workout is at a playground so that older kids can play too! 

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Outdoor Bootcamp

Outdoor bootcamps: feel like a kid again! Get outside and play with us!

Everything goes with Outdoor Bootcamp and variety is plentiful.  Tire flipping, partner pulling, body weight exercises and weighted challenges are all fair game.  However, everything can be modified and/or substitutions can be given.


Boxing Bootcamp

Boxing bootcamps: train like a fighter without getting hit!

You will learn to throw punches with proper form, hit heavy bags, and rid yourself of stress.  When you are not hitting, you are working out in intervals which allows you to move at your own pace. Regardless of fitness level, you can easily kick butt in this class.  One on one attention will give you modifications to exercises. 

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After School Boxing

Our in-school programs teach kids self confidence and self awareness by using boxing techniques to be active and improve fitness.

These positive environments teach kids what it means to be a Fitness Junkie: welcoming, inclusive, strong, and supportive. Phys-Ed outcomes are met and kids have a blast!

Contact us for details.


Fitness Junkies on the Shore

Contact Ashley for schedule

These bootcamps are designed with maximum benefit in mind!

Low impact:
These one hour sessions include an extended warm up and cool down period and are focused on increasing strength, flexibility and agility through exercises using body weight, resistance bands and weights and low impact cardio exercises. Perfect for those suffering from arthritis, painful or sensitive joints, returning to activity after an injury, new to exercise or maybe just preferring a gentler approach to staying active.