FITNESS JUNKIES is not just about fitness classes and active adventures. It’s a whole community & lifestyle! 

From your first class, hike, run, or community event, you are enthusiastically welcomed into our fitness family. We accept you, support you, and value what you contribute to our amazing group energy. Anything is possible with the power of Fitness Junkies, and we want you to be part of it.

At the heart of FITNESS JUNKIES are our classes: we incorporate boxing, kickboxing, and boot camp style elements into wicked workouts. This is certainly no Prancerise or Tae-bo! You punch heavy bags, kick focus pads, and exercise in new and challenging ways. It’s exciting, fun, and challenging.  You discover your strengths and we celebrate them together.  Plus, it’s an amazing stress reliever… and way cheaper than therapy! 

As a coach, I offer the fun and challenging workouts, motivate you to drive yourself forward, encourage you to listen to your body, and help you fall in love with what you can do with your body as it is right now.  Working out becomes something you crave and love, not another task or job to get done. And watch the ripple effect as every aspect of your life benefits from your changed outlook through Fitness Junkies. 

Fitness Junkies is different from the traditional “fitness industry”.  We smash society's ideas of what fitness and bodies should look like and instead we promote fitness, health, positivity, self acceptance, laughter, friendship, and giving back to our community.  We use fitness to heal, bond, and create new and healthier community members! 

All fitness levels are welcome as I work directly with you to make sure you are comfortable and performing exercises correctly for your body and fitness comfort. We welcome women & men, 16 years+. Be prepared and open to become part of this fantastic community! 


Be Powerful.

Be Awesome.

Be a part of this.

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NEW Sept 2019!

61 Morison Drive

Windsor, NS


Sunday through Friday

Current Schedule

Personal coaching at home and online sessions also available; please inquire!



  • Heavy Bags

  • Kickboxing Pads

  • Boxing Equipment

  • Suspension Trainers

  • Bootcamp Belts

  • Barbells & Weight Plates

  • Free Weights

  • Weight Benches

  • Foam Mats & Foam Rollers

  • Heavy Resistance Bands



"As a mom of 3 I knew I needed to do something to keep up with them but it was hard to find the time. At the mommy & me baby wearing classes I can bring my older kids and wear my youngest and get a great exercise with an extra 22lbs on me. Kathy offers a welcoming class that is high energy and low impact." — Kelly C.

"Since joining the Fitness Junkies, I have found not only a great group of people to chat with but a group that inspires and motivates me to be stronger and fitter. I am a better version of myself since starting to workout with Kathy and the Junkies!" — Shannon P.

"I am an original Falmouth Boxing beauties member....boxing gave me back a sense of peace as it’s a great way to de-stress from life’s worries, you gain a sense of pride knowing what you are capable of accomplishing when you didn’t have faith in yourself....that’s what Kathy’s classes do for you, whether you’re a former Falmouth boxing beauty, a Fitness junkie, a Run junkie or Momma and baby junkie! Life does not always allow me to attend as much as I like, but I sure do appreciate it when I can! Thank you Kathy for starting Momma and Baby classes, another great way to get fit!"— Sandy H.

"I just have to share how thankful I am for your amazing classes. After Charlotte was born, I was in a rut and didn’t know what to do to get out of it, but your classes were the answer. I have way more energy and I am back to my old self again. I am not perfect and have long way to go but i feel healthy and happy and there is no price tag on that feeling. I love spending time with Charlotte at Mommy & Me, and I really love my ME time when i am at Boot Camp.

"Thank you for being such a realist, an encouraging coach and hilarious leader. I love my workouts (even though they kick my ass at times) and the laughter that comes with it."— Joy L.N.