Kathy Johnston

Fitness & Training Specialist

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach

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PHONE: 902-880-2135


Boxing bootcamps: train like a fighter without getting hit!

You will learn to throw punches with proper form, hit heavy bags, and rid yourself of stress.  When you are not hitting, you are working out in intervals which allows you to move at your own pace. Regardless of fitness level, you can easily kick butt in this class.  One on one attention will give you modifications to exercises. Current schedules here.



Outdoor bootcamps: feel like a kid again! Get outside and play with us!

Everything goes with Outdoor Bootcamp and variety is plentiful.  Tire flipping, partner pulling, body weight exercises and weighted challenges are all fair game.  However, everything can be modified and/or substitutions can be given.


Mommy & Me: Strap on your favourite baby carrier, or you can workout while your little ones play!

These 30 minute to 1 hour low-impact workouts led by Kathy Johnston, certified personal & pre and postnatal trainer, are designed to help moms safely rebuild strength and fitness. Come train for the adventures of mommy-hood in this welcoming and supportive playgroup setting.


Fitness Junkies On The Shore: These bootcamps are designed with maximum benefit in mind!

During these one hour sessions you are sure to get a full body workout while increasing and improving your strength, endurance, agility and cardio function! Canfitpro certified Personal Trainer, Ashley Hood, uses a combination of body weight and free weight training as well as Bootcamp belts and games to provide you with a safe and effective workout that will keep you healthy, happy and energized in and out of Bootcamp!

Low impact:
Fitness Junkies are excited to offer these low impact fitness classes to you! These one hour sessions include an extended warm up and cool down period and are focused on increasing strength, flexibility and agility through exercises using body weight, resistance bands and weights and low impact cardio exercises. Perfect for those suffering from arthritis, painful or sensitive joints, returning to activity after an injury, new to exercise or maybe just preferring a gentler approach to staying active.


Parent & Kiddo boxing: a fun workout + a supportive environment + bonding time - babysitting costs = Parent & Kiddo boxing.

Parents & kids, age 4-12, put on gloves, learn how to punch a heavy bag and do exercises so that we are fit, healthy, and strong. It's all about positive reinforcement and encouraging a love for being active with the body that you have. It's hard to say who has more fun, the kids or the parents!


Stroller Fit: Get your Stroller ready to move!

Why pay for childcare when you can workout and set a great example for your kids at a the same time? These workouts allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather, surroundings, and other parents/caregivers all while in a post-natal safe environment. We do a combination of interval walking and/or jogging with strollers or carriers, body weight & resistance band exercises and the majority of our workout is at a playground so that older kids can play too! I am a mom of 2 small children and am certified in Pre & Postnatal Fitness and my goal is to keep you safe throughout the workout. 


Afterschool Boxing Programs: Our in-school programs teach kids self confidence and self awareness by using boxing techniques to be active and improve fitness.

These positive environments teach kids what it means to be a Fitness Junkie: welcoming, inclusive, strong, and supportive. Phys-Ed outcomes are met and kids have a blast!



As a mom of 3 I knew I needed to do something to keep up with them but it was hard to find the time. At the mommy & me baby wearing classes I can bring my older kids and wear my youngest and get a great exercise with an extra 22lbs on me. Kathy offers a welcoming class that is high energy and low impact.
— Kelly C.
Since joining the Fitness Junkies, I have found not only a great group of people to chat with but a group that inspires and motivates me to be stronger and fitter. I am a better version of myself since starting to workout with Kathy and the Junkies!
— Shannon P.
I am an original Falmouth Boxing beauties member....boxing gave me back a sense of peace as it’s a great way to de-stress from life’s worries, you gain a sense of pride knowing what you are capable of accomplishing when you didn’t have faith in yourself....that’s what Kathy’s classes do for you, whether you’re a former Falmouth boxing beauty, a Fitness junkie, a Run junkie or Momma and baby junkie! Life does not always allow me to attend as much as I like, but I sure do appreciate it when I can! Thank you Kathy for starting Momma and Baby classes, another great way to get fit!
— Sandy H.
I just have to share how thankful I am for your amazing classes. After Charlotte was born, I was in a rut and didn’t know what to do to get out of it, but your classes were the answer. I have way more energy and I am back to my old self again. I am not perfect and have long way to go but i feel healthy and happy and there is no price tag on that feeling. I love spending time with Charlotte at Mommy & Me, and I really love my ME time when i am at Boot Camp.
Thank you for being such a realist, an encouraging coach and hilarious leader. I love my workouts (even though they kick my ass at times) and the laughter that comes with it.
— Joy L.N.

Well, Hello Fitness Junkies!

A message from Kathy Johnston,

Can Fit Pro Personal Training Specialist

Can Fit Pro Nutrition & Wellness Specialist

Can Fit Pro Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist

Canadian Amateur Boxing Association Level 1 Boxing Coach

Fitness Kickboxing Canada Level 1 Coach


Even if you haven’t come out to a class yet, our incredible fitness family welcomes you! We pride ourselves on being welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. Oh…. and we are badass too.

Hi! I’m Kathy. Yes, it’s true: I’m loud, very excitable, always smiling, and have a bad case of mommy-brain on most days. No wonder people have referred to me as a “squirrel”. I’m also your biggest cheerleader and will do whatever I can to help you feel strong, confident, and fit….regardless of where you are in your life & fitness.

I’m originally from PEI and the red soil still runs deep in my veins. I met my bluenoser husband in college and we moved to the West Hants area in 2007. I love it and am proud to be raising our kids here. What an incredible place to live.

When I moved here, I joined a competitive boxing club and trained as a boxer. In our club there was the competitive group and a recreational group who worked out casually. While training, I got my Level 1 Boxing Coach certificate. About 2 years after joining, our competitive coach called it quits and the recreational group asked me to keep their group going. I obliged but I ran their workouts as if we were competitive athletes. We called ourselves “The Falmouth Boxing Beauties”. We developed an active community of individuals that boxed together, ran together, supported local walk/runs, etc. It was amazing and it ignited a fire in me that combined all my loves: relationship building, supporting individuals, building a community, and a challenging workout!

After a number of years of running it as a community group, I decided to make a big move and register a business: Fitness Junkies. I was incredibly proud that day, and still am. I ran this small business in the evenings and on weekends, all while driving to Halifax for work everyday. Even though I was focused on building a strong & supportive active community here, I was going against my own wishes: I was driving out of our community everyday, spending my money outside the community, and only coming home to sleep.

After my last maternity leave, I decided to jump in head first. With the support of family, friends, & Fitness Junkies, I left my great paying, secure, full time job (with pension!). It was an incredibly hard decision to make, but it came down to 3 things:

1. Fitness Junkies feeds my soul. I feel like I was meant to be here

2. After an amazing local mom lost her short battle with cancer, I was incredibly inspired to live my life to the fullest.

3. For our community to grow stronger & prosper, people need to be here...spending money here…..and supporting each other here!

So here we are: I take my fitness programs all over West Hants & Kings County and have successfully run hundreds of fitness programs.

Who I am as a trainer:

I’m not going to go into long details of my own fitness & weight loss journey because that doesn’t tell you who I am as a trainer and how I can help you. Let’s just summarize my experience as this: I’ve been there. I’ve experienced being an active teen, being inactive and 60lbs over weight, being an athlete while battling disordered eating & a negative mind set, a fit & healthy professional, and now a busy self employed mom trying to balance it all. Why does this matter to you? Because although I cannot fully understand what you are going through and why you are here right now, I can empathize and understand life’s challenges. I would never want to train with someone who has never struggled with getting off the couch, who can easily limit themselves to just one cookie, or never had to battle negative self talk. I’m real and I know you are too.

My job is to motivate you, push you, and provide you with the right workout(s) to get you towards your goals. I want you to develop a strong self confidence by loving the body you have right now! We will work towards that by working on strength, power, and building on your baseline fitness.

Personality? Yep, I’ve got lots of that! I’m a bit of a spazzy squirrel and I get ridiculously excited about your successes! Ask anyone of the current Fitness Junkies, I am your biggest cheerleader!

I believe in community.

You will be part of our community, otherwise known as our “fitness family”. Families support each other, encourage each other, are positive, and inclusive. Our thriving community allows for a new found support system, self confidence and motivation to reach new goals. There is absolutely no room for drama, gossip, or games.

Open yourself to the endless possibilities when you are fully supported by an amazing group of people.
— Kathy Johnston




Ashley Hood

Certified Personal Trainer

Active Aging Specialist

Hey everyone!! I’m Ashley. I’m so excited that you’re here, taking a moment to find out what Fitness Junkies is all about!

For those of you who don’t know me, I was born and raised in Bramber, Hants County, Nova Scotia and I still live there with my husband and two boys. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and an Active Aging Specialist currently running bootcamps and Low Impact Fitness Classes in Summerville and Burlington.

I started working out around 2011, with the intention of losing weight and looking better, but boy did I ever find so much more! Regardless of the reasons for beginning, I’m so grateful that I took the first step to living a healthy, happy life. Through the support of Fitness Junkies I was able to find my true passion, helping people live an active and healthy lifestyle!

I played a few sports in high school. I was certainly no elite athlete, but I did my part on the volleyball and rugby teams. Fast forward to after college, I got a job in an office, had 2 kids and spiraled into an unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk, moving very little and becoming someone I knew I didn’t want to be. I went from 230 lbs and not being physically fit at all, to today, having lost over 70 lbs and I have never been healthier, happier or stronger. My success did not come from a fad diet, an intense exercise program, starving myself, or any pill. It came from finding Fitness Junkies, coming to bootcamp and taking in all the positive vibes, support and spazziness from this amazing group of people and just making better choices! When I began, I felt the benefits of exercise in my body, but as I continued, I was surprised to find them also in my soul. I couldn’t believe the difference in my confidence, even before the weight came off. I loved feeling powerful and energized after so many years of feeling weak and lazy. These feelings made me HAPPY! The feeling of support, and realizing that no matter what your body type, weight, height, age or size, you can be STRONG and you can get FIT made me so hopeful. After a few years of going to Fitness Junkies bootcamps and being a dedicated Fitness Junkie, I realized that our community needed more of this. Fitness Junkies had to be shared, the love had to be spread, and who better to share it than me? I can tell you, if you’re struggling to start, I’ve been there. If you’re struggling with confidence, I’ve been there. If you’re struggling to keep going, I’ve been there too! Trust me, I HAVE BEEN THERE!

So that was it, I decided to trade in my office attire for some workout clothes and offer bootcamps to my own community. My guide to living a healthy lifestyle is a simple, holistic approach. Choose to eat healthy, whole foods most of the time and move your body in a way that suits you. Be creative, find what you love to do and do more of it! That’s it!

I believe in creating and maintaining a diverse fitness community, supporting and uplifting each other, accepting people where they’re at and promoting physical activity and a holistic approach to health. As your trainer and personal cheer squad, I thrive on your success. Nothing makes me happier than watching my clients show up for themselves, take the time to dedicate part of their day to their own wellbeing, and seeing the pride on their faces when they realize they just accomplished something they couldn’t do 2 months earlier. As your trainer, you can rest assured that YOU are my number one priority. As a participant in any of my classes, I aim to make you feel welcome, at home and excited about your health and your capabilities. I want you to love each step you take towards your goal. I want you to be proud of yourself and excited to be part of this amazing fitness family no matter if you’re just beginning or have been coming from the start. Life has taught me many valuable lessons, but none more valuable than how important it is to take care of ourselves and each other! As your coach, I’ll provide the workout, the motivation, and the support. All you have to do it show up and get it done!

I encourage you to take the first step on your own fitness journey, whether it be with Fitness Junkies or on another path. You deserve it, go get it!
— Ashley Hood